Serving a broad range of Industries

For over 25 years, ACI has served small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries. 

Food & Beverage

ACI has handled a range of automation projects from OT network projects to Legacy system upgrades, providing us with experience in all aspects of food and beverage production processes from incoming materials to packaging and material handling.

  • Major Food Manufacturing Plant: Rebuilt the infrastructure of a major processing line from a Motor Control Center consisting of 100 motors, to UL 508A Control Panels with enhanced safety and reliability. This included the PLC 5 Upgrade to 4 ControlLogix Safety PLC’s.
  • Confectionary Industry: Upgraded a Servo Controlled PLC on 4 processing lines.
  • Designed & implemented approximately (25) PLC 5 & SLC 500 Upgrades.
  • Developed a Scaling System in the Meat Industry for blending sausage to increase profitability by 10-15%.
  • Upgraded a major food processing plants HMI's from Computers to Industrial Servers using Thin Manager. Subsequently upgraded this system twice, with the last upgrade from Commercial Servers to Industrial OT Servers. This OT system uses a single Virtual Machine, while still having redundancy to backup the 45 Thin Clients and PLC's.

Grain Processing

We have been providing automation services for the grain processing industry for more than 25 years. ACI's experience covers the entire process, from receiving the incoming seed and grain to loading the finished goods.

  • 10 PLC & IO Upgrades in material handling and palletizing.
  • Experience in automating grain cleaning & tempering systems.

Rubber Hose Manufacturing

ACI specializes in providing automation engineering services for the Rubber Hose industry. Our services involve Automation and Control Systems, Servo Controls, HMI development, and Product Specification Management.

  • Multiple Projects in Extrusion of Mandrel & Hose, Wire and Fabric Braiding, Hose Pressure Testing, Mandrel blowout, and Safety PLC Implementation.
  • Tied the daily recipes to Production Specifications in Historian.
  • ACI Engineered a method of getting Rubber Hose to a consistent temperature prior to Braiding.
  • ACI Engineered an Intelligent Hose Reel System to automatically wrap different size hose on the reel.

Package Conveying and Palletizing

We have been designing manufacturing automation solutions since our inception. Our team of skilled engineers have expertise across a broad range of manufacturing equipment and application types.

  • Pet Food Industry-Upgraded Servo Controls on Packaging Equipment
  • Major Food Manufacturing Plant Palletizing upgrade from (1) PLC 5 to Several ControlLogix Safety PLC’s in Multiple Control Panels, Separating Palletizing into 4 Independent Systems feeding the Sorters.

Pet Food

ACI is positioned to deliver control systems that are tailored for your extrusion, blending, and packaging applications.

  • Developed a 4 component blending system that continuously maintained their specification tolerance.

Water / Wastewater

Ensuring that your water monitoring systems are optimal can be challenging when operating a facility. Operators are often limited and uninformed of plant status, flow control, and other essential statistics that plants rely on.